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TiteGroup vs. 2400 in .357 Magnum...


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...I'd just thought I would share some of my observations with using both Hodgdon TiteGroup and Alliant 2400 in my Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum, Your mileage may vary.

I found that TiteGroup in general has low muzzle flash, burns cleanly (at least it does for me) and is economical to use for target practice; as they say, "a little goes a long way" and Hodgdon is correct. I may well continue to use 7.2 grains behind a 125 JHP for average practice because of its qualities.

On the other hand, Alliant's 2400 in the .357 seems to be the most flexible powder to use. I tried 13.5 grains behind a 125 JHP and found it to be quite docile WRT recoil and flash whereas the 17.0-grain loads had more recoil and the muzzle flash was about as dim as a No. 3 flashbulb but still a lot of fun. I now understand why so many people like using 2400 in the .357 Magnum.

For the record, I've been lighting these rounds with Federal Small Pistol Magnum primers.

I think reloading is the most fun hobby I've taken up in many years!!!

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