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S&W M&P 2.0 in 10mm


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It’s been rumored for a long time; since before the 2.0 series.  Four basic variants for now, 4.0” barrel and 4.6” barrel, with or without thumb safety.  All are optics ready with an RDS cut and high sights.  Mag capacity 15.  

S&W Spec Sheet


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Delighted to see another 10mm!

I'm a fan of the cartridge.  I've got a Dan Wesson Razorback (1911, a gun with a troubled past that works great now), a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator (I think that's the name, another 1911), a Glock 20 C (hated the flash, retrofitted a regular barrel) and a S&W 1006.

The 1006 is legendary for its durability and construction.  All steel.  Very rugged.  Also, quite heavy.

I'll be interested to see how this one holds up.

I'll also be interested to see how people use it.  Most 10mm is "FBI load" and for that performance, you're better off just getting a .40.  Full power 10mm is fun to shoot and a whole lot more effective than the .40.



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