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Kel-Tec KS7


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Followed me home.  


This is the single mag tube version of the KSG.  Simpler, lighter, and trimmer.  It’s also quite a bit less money- the local shop had $409 on it.  


What the heck.  I’m no Kel-Tec fan, but for $409, I’ll give this one a chance.  


It feels a lot handier than the KSG.  

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In between the Basic and Advanced groups at 4-H Shooting Sports this weekend, we got set up early so I let my helpers try the KS7 out.   We shot most of a box of shells successfully.   


A friend wanted to bet me it wouldn’t make it through one box of shells before living up to the Kel-Tec reputation of needing a trip back to Cocoa, FL.  I refused the wager on the grounds of owning Kel-Tecs before.  I thought the amount might be closer to one magazine of seven rounds.  

I’ll admit it has exceeded my expectations there. 


BTW, now that I’ve had the chance to look around inside, this gun reminds me of the Ithaca 37 in some ways.    


If there is a negative that stands out, it’s the safety button.  It’s a push-through crossbolt type, above and in front of the trigger.  It gets pushed left to right to fire.   That’s the opposite of the typical safety button used on Remingtons and others.  

This is really bothering me. 

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If I’ve learned anything from shooting this gun, it’s that it thrives on abuse.  It requires hard use to function.  You cannot go easy on it.  I know that’s the rule for a lot of guns- lever actions come to mind- but you hammer this thing and I swear you can hear it laugh.  

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