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Winchester Ranger T-Series Ammo

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I prefer to EDC an M&P 2.0 FS  .40 caliber, or an M&P 1.0 FS .40 caliber, with Winchester JHP's. 

I have known this for awhile and decided to make a post here about it. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

In the pic below, the bullet on the left is a Winchester Ranger T-Series 40 S&W 180 gr. JHP, made in 2009 (Brown Box). The bullet on the right is the same titled bullet, but made in 2017 (Black Box). Do you notice the difference in the cavities? The bullet on the right looks more like an HST bullet. The bullet on the left looks like the more traditional Black Talon/SXT bullet. Things that make you go."Hmmmmm........"


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Thanks for the reply Barry. 

Back in the day I was using Winchester Silvertip exclusively. As the new JHP's came out, I was leap frogging from one brand to another. As time moves on, you seem to get wiser and learn things as you go. So, today, in SD ammo I like to use Winchester Ranger LE JHP's exclusively. 

In .357 SIG I use Ranger T-Series/SXT (sometimes PDX1), 9mm I use Ranger Bonded, and in .40 caliber, either Ranger T-Series/SXT or Ranger Bonded. I do have several boxes in each caliber in HST though.

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