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Ruger announces Pistol Caliber Carbine


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  • 7 months later...

I was hoping to try it out today.  Now it’s looking like tomorrow.  


I had had one of the older versions in .40. It’s funny to me that when I tried to trade off that PC40, I almost couldn’t give it away, and now with the takedown system and other mods, dealers can’t keep them in stock.  And I’m one of them lining up   


 This one has a much better trigger than the old style. The trigger is 10/22 based and, to me, feels much better than the average stock 10/22 trigger but not as good as a Ruger BX22 trigger unit.  Better than the average AR trigger for sure.  


If if I like this one, I may give the PCC class in USPSA a try.  Around $150 would buy just about every go-fast mod available for these.  

The aftermarket accessory I’d most want right now would be a version of Magpul’s Backpacker stock they make for the takedown 10/22.  It keeps both halves together when broken down. That beats the bulky Callaway Golf duffle I’m using now.   


The first thing I had to check was the ease of caliber change.  Adapting it to other calibers should be easy enough.   Besides the obvious ease of changing barrels and magazine wells, the bolt face is separate from the bolt.  Installing a .45 ACP or .40/10mm/.357 Sig bolt face would be simple.  The bolt has a tungsten weight, and the one installed has holes. A heavier solid one would go right in. 


Now that I’ve bought one, Ruger will probably announce a 10mm version any day. 

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  • 1 month later...

I didn’t want to like this rifle, but it’s happening anyway.  


I’ve had two different 9mm carbines before; a Colt AR-15 and a Marlin Camp 9. After wanting a Colt for quite a while, I was surprised at liking the Marlin better.  It was more reliable and more accurate.  


This Ruger would shoot rings around either of them.  I might crack two inches at 50 yards on a good day with the Marlin.  The Ruger has gone under an inch at 50 several times now.  Thursday I only benched two types of ammo, and one group each.  One went 1-3/8” and the other went 5/8”.  This is with a dot sight.   


Function had had been flawless until that day.  I am using the Glock magwell, and I bought an ETS 31-rd mag, and a Magpul 21-rd mag to try in addition to my Glock mags.  The ETS mag gave me two stovepipes in 31 rounds using Federal AE 115 FMJ ammo. .  I’ve used a variety of factory and reloaded ammo in the other mags and had not seen that before.   


It holds well in standing   There is enough weight to make it “hang” well and it doesn’t bounce much in recoil.   The trigger makes it easy to shoot unsupported   


I’ve been using a Holosun 510 sight.  It’s not really like anything else, but most similar to an EoTech I suppose.  It has a battery and a solar panel.  It runs off solar power when it’s avIlable and reverts to battery power when it’s not.  The solar panel does not charge the battery.   It can be set in an auto mode that turns the sight on when it senses movement and turns it off after ten minutes (I think) of being still.  

I mostly chose it because of its reputation in USPSA and the reticle was available in green.  I find green shows up better than red for me. 


Taken down to it's two big parts, the Ruger fits in a multi-compartment duffle I have, and that in turn fits in my motorcycle saddlebags.  The carbine has already logged quite a few miles.  I guess I’ve adopted it.  

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  • 3 years later...

I’ve been wanting the Magpul stock for this carbine since they announced it. That was what- 3 years ago?  Three years this coming SHOT Show?

It solves at least three needs I have.  Or think I have.  With my use of the PC-9 as a motorcycle saddlebag rifle, being able to snap the two parts together in one package would be a plus.  The magazine storage under the comb of the stock would be a benefit, too.  Those two things make it a single grab-and-go unit.   The interchangeable comb allows use of a higher one, which I need for the red dot I have on it.  

So yeah, I’ve been waiting for it, checking the website and my email for the announcement. 

The time is here.  They started shipping this week.  They’ve been showing four colors, but for now at least, they only have black.   
I really wanted OD green.  
So I’ve been holding back.  

it’s not easy.  

You know what?  Black would blend in against the saddlebags and frame.  

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I realized today that the Magpul stock is the last change I have planned for this gun.  I might have to make a small change in light mounting on the new stock, but that would be it.   

Point being, once I spend the last money and time on it, Ruger will announce a 10mm version.  


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