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Ruger MK IV .22 Auto Pistol


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Ruger has a few new or updated guns coming out over the next couple of weeks  I think the count is four auto pistols and two revolvers. 


The first was announced today, the MK IV .22 auto.  


Along with some changes to the bolt stop and that abononation known as a magazine disconnect, the big change is in the field stripping.   The upper and lower halves are hinged at the front so the rear pivots up and allows the bolt to slide out.  




Ranting opinion:

I was maybe 14 when I was shown a Ruger .22 auto by someone who was familiar with it.  His main point was to show me how simple it's operation was.  It had only four parts you could manipulate: bolt, mag catch, trigger, and safety button. I was impressed by that then and now. 


That was the original design.  It served well through the first half of the basic gun's existence.   In the second half of its life, we have already seen three "Marks" of changes.  None of these helped it feed, fire, or eject, which is the point of this exercise.   Each one of these "improvements" added more controls and parts.   Some hurt, like the loaded chamber indicator that adds an obstacle to getting a round into the chamber.  


Here in the MK IV, in addition to more buttons and parts, we have an attempt to simplify field stripping.  This is interesting to me because this task was complicated by the MK III's addition of a magazine disconnect*.    


At the current pace, we may be about five years from a MK X, with 37 buttons and levers, and 268 parts...none of which help it feed, fire, and eject  


*Yes, I know some call it a "magazine safety".   I refuse to call it a magazine "safety" mostly because, during the course of assembly after stripping, the magazine must be inserted and removed more than once...right around the time it calls for a trigger pull.   In a class two weeks ago, I sat across the room and watched a student get so frazzled by this process he had to leave the room twice that I know of. He was so upset I doubt he would've known if he had somehow exchanged his empty magazine for a loaded one during one of his attempts.  And I won't even get into it reinforcing those who think they've unloaded a gun by only ejecting the magazine...then one day try that with another gun. 

The word "safety" has no business near these devices. 

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