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Leaked: Aimpoint Nano Mini Red Dot Sight


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In French:



Aimpoint has been conspicuously absent from the MRDS field.  Nothing they make really fits on a pistol slide.

But it's coming.

This French company let slip the not yet announced Aimpoint MRDS by showing it on a pistol/PDW they sell.   The mounting looks a little screwy, but I'm hoping it's something specific to this gun. 


Whenever it it gets here, I'm sure it will be expensive, but will probably also be good enough to be the new standard.   Yes, although I don't have many, I'm an Aimpoint fan. 

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Hard telling.   Everyone I know who has an MRDS on a pistol has some complaint, like the reticle shape, brightness control, etc.  That being the case, I would think there must be room for improvement.    

There are probably lots of ways to screw it up also.  


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