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Practically Shooting

North American Arms revolver in 22 Magnum


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I fired this pistol with 22 Mag rounds.  The pistol is junk as the cylinder had to be rotated by hand and wouldn't index properly so you had to position it in the right spot for the pin to hit the rim.  The recoil was sharp and I wouldn't want to shoot it much or often.  It was pretty hard to hold on to and can't imagine using it as even a gut gun.  I shall never own one.





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I owned one for about a day.   I am not sure I kept it 24 hours. 

I brought it home and shot it at 50 feet.  Then at 25 feet.  Then at maybe ten feet I was able to see the bullets were tumbling.   In addition, the cylinder edge was peened from the firing pin already.  

Bye gun. 

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