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AR-15 Cleaning Tools for Bolt, Bolt Carrier and Firing Pin

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I made a post a couple years ago asking how to remove carbon from the bolt and bolt carrier.  My conclusion then was to try to scrape the carbon with whatever tool I could find that would work, but nothing I had worked well.  I noticed an advertisement in a gun magazine for the Real Avid AR-15 carbon scraping tool.  After reading some reviews on Amazon I decided to give the tool a try.  While ordering the Real Avid tool, I noticed the "what others also purchased" on Amazon included an interesting tool for the same purpose made by Kley-Zion.  I ordered both.

I cleaned two bolt carriers, bolts, and firing pins that were almost equally carboned up, one with the Kley-Zion and one with the Real Avid.  I found both did the job well and reduced the carbon removal time to less than a minute and did a good job.  In the past I would spend a lot longer attempting to removed the carbon and was never able to reach or remove the black crud from the hard to reach places in the carrier or the baked-on carbon on the bolt shoulder.  

The Real Avid tool tool cleans more hard to reach places on the bold carrier group and has a built in pin puller, while the Kley-Zion tool scrapes the carbon from the bolt shoulder slightly better than the Real Avid.  If I had to recommend one, I would say get both and enjoy the better aspects of each :).






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I will try both! Thanks!!

I've been using soaking and using non-purpose made tools. They sort of work. To be honest, my 5.56 and my 6.8 and pretty darn tolerant of coked residue. My 10mm, absolutely not. And it cokes up like rich business guy in a bad movie. I scraped the "tail" of the 10mm bolt with a box cutter and scrubbed with hm gun cleaner, and was pretty amazed how clean it became.

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