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7mm rem mag reloading


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Hey guys. 


  So my rifle has 1-9 twist and 24"long. The manufacturer said 150 grain ammo is idea for my twist however I'm into long range shooting and I'm wondering if anyone has some insight as to what grain projectile I should be using. Im at 600 yards right now but working my way up to 1000+. What grain bullet would be best for these long range shots. 

   My k-31 has a 174 grain projectile with gp-11 ammo. And it can shoot accurate a long way. It's very much like a 30-06 but the gp-11 ammo has fantastic ballistics. 

  Im using low drag projectiles of course. Currently I've got hornady 139 grain and 162 grain projectiles loaded. Will the 162 stay stable enough for 1000+ yards or do I need to go a bit heavier. Using rotumbo and h4831. 

  Thank you for any and all insight. I don't want to go too heavy and not be able to stabilize the round. Nor too light and have issues. 


  Gracias in advance. 

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I started long range shooting (7mm Remington Mag) the last couple of years so I do not have a lot of experience but so far this is what I have had good luck with  I've used: Burger 168 grain VLD bullets, Nosler 168 grain Custom Competition HPBT bullets and Sierra 175 grain HPBT MatchKing bullets and Hodgdon H-1000 powder with Federal 215 primers. My rifle has a 1 - 9.5 twist rate. I've shot bullet weights of 150 grains (Nosler Ballistic Tips, Sierra HPBT) out to 500 yards with good success but over 500 yds I've had better luck with 168+ grain bullets. Next on my list to try is the 180+ grain bullets. How do you like that Rotumbo powder? I know that it is a little slower than H-1000. I tried IMR 4831 powder, IMR 7828 powder and Reloader 22 powder but they did not work very well in  my rifle 

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