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Practically Shooting

Through your house, the neighbor's house, then through the refrigerator!


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I didn't realize it until just now, but not only have I never shot one, I'm pretty sure I've never even seen a .500 S&W being shot. 


I always thought it would be neat in a levergun.  I know there is a custom or two out there, but I'm not in a position to buy a $4-5000 lever action.  I'm not sure I would buy a $5k levergun even if I could afford it...unless it had lots of gold inlays or a factory letter saying Theodore Roosevelt ordered it. 


You know, I've had this Remington Rolling Block action lying around for maybe 25 years.  I wonder...  

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I've shot one. And recoil is "manageable". Felt like it pushed back more than the muzzle wanted to flip. It was indoors and you could hear things rattle, even with good ear plugs and good electronic muffs. Things like light fixtures, or anything not bolted to a 14" slab.

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I've been next to a S&W .460 and .500 being shot in an indoor range.  The percussion is enough to make me leave.  I've never shot one and have no desire, I've worked too hard at learning how not to flinch, shooting one of these is a flinch teacher.  No thanks

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