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SWFA came out with a new 1-4X scope last November.   It's a different scope than the 1-4X they had, and at $399, costs half as much.   


It has an illuminated reticle, though the reticle is a different design (that I like better) than their other 1-4X. 

They ran a Black Friday special for $299, and that was too much for me to resist.  I've been happy with the SWFA 10X scope I've used on different rifles.  This new scope looked at least as good, and maybe more useful.   

The sale proved to be a popular deal, and they were sold out by the time I gave in and ordered on the last day of the sale.  Backordered. 

That was Dec 1.   I got my shipping notice yesterday.  

I'll let you know what I think when it gets here and I give it some use.   I think it will go on a Colt AR (6920).  

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It's here.  I've read conflicting reports on eye relief with this scope.  I tried it un mounted and didn't see a problem, but when holding it in the hands, it's easy to move the scope without knowing it.  This will be one of the first things I check after its mounted.  

Thats down the list of priorities right now.  I have a carbine class this weekend and have ammo to load and guns to clean. 

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It's now mounted to a Colt 6920 (M4-ish) and I've got maybe 150 rounds through it since.  

BTW- It's mounted in an SWFA "SSALT" mount.  They were also on sale when I ordered the scope ($29.95- 1/2 price) so I got one while I was at it.  It's nothing fancy, but is a pretty solid looking mount.  It lacks any QD feature, so may not be the best choice in some cases, including this one, but it lets me try the scope out. 


Something that got my attention was upon mounting, bore sighting looked good, and it only took a few clicks to zero.  I don't usually get that with AR scopes due to the number of interfaces involved, compounded by the sight to bore height.  


FWIW, the scope is made in the Phillipines, like many scopes.


I haven't found anything to complain about regarding eye relief.  I've only shot it from standing and the bench so far.  I intend to try other conventional and unconventional positions soon. Some of the unconventional prone positions are near impossible with many scopes, so it should be a tough test. 


I found the reticle pattern interesting from the start.  The reticle center is basically a dot within a diamond.  The design intent is to zero the dot at 200, use the top of the diamond for 100, and the bottom of the diamond for 300.  It's meant for common 5.56 and 7.62 NATI rounds like the M193, M855, M80, M852, M118, etc.  Its close, but not perfect, which should go without saying considering the number of cartridges it's supposed to cover.  


From what I can tell using M193 (55 gr) and Mk 262 (77 gr) equivalents it is reasonably close using the 100 and 200 points of aim.  I haven't tried 300 yet.   By "reasonably close" I'd say within 4".  That may sound like a lot, but it's better than most can hold without some sort of reference.  Of course I'd like better.  I've read some have figured out where to hold using the inside edge of the diamond and tip edge of this or that, but my eyes start watering thinking about it.  


The adjustments are in .1 mil increments.  I haven't done any of the tests to check the accuracy or repetitiveness of the adjustments yet.   It seems to move like it's supposed to move, and my SWFA 10x scope is particularly good in this area, so I don't expect any trouble.   


It it is illuminated by a CR2032 battery.   There is a spare battey compartment within the illum control knob.   Only the center diamond and for are illuminated.  They don't claim it to be daylight visible, and it isn't.  To put it in perspective, the markings go from 1-10, and I'd estimate it would need a setting of at least 13 to be daylight visible.  


I will report more as I learn more. 

So far I'd say it's not a miracle scope, but it is a heck of a deal for the price- even the regular non-sale $399 price.  Everyone I've shown it to at the range liked it, and liked it a lot.  

If they do another Black Friday sale this year with $100 off, I may get another.  If so, I'd put it on a hunting rifle, where I think it would work well.  Then again, they usually mark down their SS fixed power 6x, 10x, 12x, 16x, and 20x scopes, and I really like those. 

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