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Two New Trijicon AccuPoint Models

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They're killing me. 

I have two TR24 1-4x AccuPoints and love them. Topping out at 6x might be nice at times, however.  Many have been asking for a 1-6x version of their AccuPoints for years.  Last year at the NRA show, I asked them about that.  He pointed to the VCOG and said that's the 1-6.   

Well it's another year, and they have a 1-6x AccuPoint out: the TR25.  

Its available with more reticle choices than they've had in any AccuPoint model has had before. 

It it looks like it will run around $400 over the 1-4x, so anywhere from 1200 and up real world price.  That's about what 1-6xs with illum run. 

The other new AccuPoint is the 2.5-12x42 TR26.  That retails for around $1400, so I'd expect around $1100 "street price".  







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In my excitement, I missed they aded an entire series, the AccuPower line.   It's basically the AccuPoint scopes using battery illumination instead of tritium and fiber optic.   Some different reticle choices, including at least one BDC.   

 And they are cheaper than AccuPoints. 

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