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Practically Shooting

My BRAND NEW HiPoint 4095 Exploded!!

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.40S&W. I'm not all hating on HiPoint either. They wanted to see my rifle really bad.

#1 round was sent down range for a dead on bullseye. Didn't chase the shell.

Shot #2 went kablammy all over my right hand.

Bolt is permajammed back. Ammo was factory OK. Gun left on Monday for Beemiller. I can see that at least some of the pressure happened out of battery.

1st, 2nd and 3rd round. 3rd round was like that in the magazine.

I went and fetched Rnd #1 after the blow out:

This little devil was exciting:

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NOW I know why people like these silly things! Fun.

The gun shot like a champ. Shooting low - I swear it was dead on the first shot smile need to crank the rear sight up. My only problem is I didn't bring enough ammo!!

I did some steel shooting at 200 yards. Doesn't hit like a .308, but it hits!! Need more .40S&W ammo.........

On a serious note, it's a gun I can let anyone shoot to learn a simple semi auto carbine. Heavy, easy, if it gets dropped I won't cry. I want several gun types in this learn to shoot category.

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