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.45ACP - my first all by myself loads


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Just recently we started to get pistol/shotgun powders here in Northern Ohio. I don't know how there could be none and then the one pound containers started showing up and then a couple of weeks later the 4 and 8 pound containers started showing up. Vihtavorie is non existent, IRM only in rifle powder, small selection of Accurate powder, full line of Alliant and most Hodgdon / Winchester powders. Lots of primers available. I drive to Pennsylvania (1-1/2 hours)to Master Cast Bullet Company and get my hard cast and Montana Gold /Berrys bullets in bulk.

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That's a different list of powders than what I see in not-so-far-away Indiana.

I see a little VihtaVouri; nothing I need.

IMR I see in fast and really slow rifle, and some pistol/shotgun. Nothing between 3031 and 4831.

Some Accurate. LT32, 4064, 2460, and their really slow ones. No handgun, and no faster rifle.

Very little Alliant. Similar to IMR- Reloder 10x then jump to Rl25.

A scattering of Hodgdon. Leverevoltion, US869, 100V, Superperformance, maybe some H380 or H414. No pistol, nothing from H4895 through H4831. If a can Varget showed up, there would be a riot.

Absolutely no Ramshot at all.

Winchester not so bad in rifle. No 231 or 296.

Primers good.

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For some reason the Alliant powders are always in good supply around here, and that is not just with one outdoor store. Like you, I never see Ramshot powders. I always wanted to try some VihtaVouri N320 in my 9mm loads but over the years have never seen any for sale. I have no problems with the other powers I use for 9mm but I always read about how great it is for 9mm Luger target loads.

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