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New Core-15 Scout

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Just got one of these at RK!


No - it's not a RRA, Stag or such. But it's a heck of lot cheaper, too. I already have a very well equiped RRA M-4 and an older A2 style Bushy HBar. I don't need another top-end piece. This rifle is really well built, and has all the basics such as forged upper/lower, etc. It is to be a plinker for my son and I.

I will note that I didn't know much about the CORE brand until I read a recent article in G&A magazine. They were reviewing the new top-tier "HardCore" rifle model form CORE. In the article, they mentioned a few things that caught my eye:

1) CORE now makes all bbls in house with the same quality standards for all rifles regardless which model it goes in; they are held to .0003" tolerance (3x tighter than mil-spec)

2) they 100% inspect all incoming forgings

3) they make most of the parts in house, for quality control purposes (they do buy the small, low value items such as the springs, balls, etc).

4) the author of the article walked with the factory armorer, who picked up two examples of the least expensive model (the Scout which I just bought) and fired five-shot groups with each. Both rifles printed at less than 1-MOA right off the production rack!

All for $630 out the door at Rural King.

Oh - it has a lifetime transferrable warranty, too.

Earlier this year I got a DPMS value-priced model for $700 out the door, and I thought it was a steal then. Now this CORE for $630 out the door?

Remeber just two years ago ARs were S-T-U-P-I-D expensive, if you could get your hands on one at all.

Patience pays off. I got two quality made ARs this year for less than what it would have cost me for one just a short time ago.

Now is the time to buy an AR; any AR. While the panic has subsided and the news topics are focused elsewhere ...


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