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Practically Shooting

Savage 110BA .338 Lapua


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The beast (on the "shooting picnic table" which we use when the snow makes it a PITA to do prone). My buddy with his 300WM in the background.

Near target (both of us were sighting in our scopes today) is 50 yards. Far target is 100 yards.

Not bad for cheap ammo and 30Mph gusts shooting from a wobbly picnic table. This is the 100 yard target.

Big holes are the .338LM

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OK, I'm finally going to be shooting this gun again, LOL!

It was having a sticking casing issue when I first got it (very common) and the solution is to just polish the chamber. Apparently the finish on the chamber on some of them isn't fantastic from the factory. The local gun shop has a rig that they use for this process on this particular rifle. I had that done the week following the photos I posted. Basically, after firing, you have to apply some effort to get the cartridge to eject.

On top of that, we kind of PO'd my buddy's dad with all the damage to the trees so he gave us a waiting period until we could fire the big stuff back there again.

We are currently shooting the back field, which is about 120 yards long. Kind of a waste to shoot this at that range but I just want to fire it at this point. Jon has dug out a large burm with his tractor, so we are no longer going to be causing tree damage, which should keep his dad happy. We'll be doing the same on the primary field (which is 220 yards from the cabin, close to 300 from the fence) a bit later.

Thoughts are that we could connect the two fields (they used to be one huge field) and have a solid 500 yard range. This would make a lot more sense for the .338LM and his .300WM. So we'd have staggered targets from 100 all the way to 500 yards.

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