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.338 Lapua Reloading


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My friend has a Rem 700 in 338 Lapua with the muzzle brake the muzzle blast is worse than the recoil,not bad at all plus wow 338 lapua seems to be one of those "inherantly" accurate calibers. I would guess punching holes in paper under 100 yards a lesser caliber would save money. but at 1200+ yards the longer barrel life as compared to the 300 magnums might make the 338 lapua a break even caliber. The 300 magnums are an owie caliber and the 338 Lapua a manly caliber? I almost forgot to add I loaded a bunch of 200 Gn Sierra Matchkings in 300 Weatherby mag a couple of years ago and at max recommended charge with H1000 powder, the primers looked great so I didn't measure the cases. My shoulder had a black and blue spot from the recoil though. Seems the H1000 powder is a good choice.

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I load for a .338 Lapua in a Remington 700P. I use 94grs of RL25, Sierra 250gr MKHP, Federal 215M primer and a Nosler case. I think the Nosler brass is actually made by Norma. Good stuff. Velocity is 2855fps and holds .5 MOA. Not bad for the shorter barrel on the Remington. I did replace the original factory muzzle brake with a VIAS brake.

I tried Retumbo, but it didn't fare as well. It works better with the 300gr Matchkings. My gun did not like the Lapua 250gr Scenar's at all. Still a work in progress.

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I finished reloading 5 rounds of .338 Lapua for the Savage:


Powder: Hogdon H1000 89.1 grains

Bullet: 250 gr 0.338" Dia.

Primer: Winchester LRM

Overall Loaded Length (OAL) 3.660"

Calc. Pressure: 58.576 psi

Calc. Velocity: 2,815 FPS

Will report back on results.

Results were excellent.

Accuracy at 300 yards was better than factory loads and recoil was slightly milder than factory loads. The tremendous blast wave was still present.

The next loading will use the IMR-7828 with 85 grains, same bullet, same loading dimensions.

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I just picked up some Hornady 200gr (they were cheap) and the dies but need to get different powder. I'm looking at the H4831, which is recommended for this weight of bullet.

I have around 100 brass, and I bought 100 bullets. And hey, with the FXT tips on these 200gr bullets, I could theoretically hunt with it, hahahha smile

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I'm using rotumbo and h4831 in my hand loads for my mag. I've gotta buy something to measure velocity though so I can see what is shooting faster. 

 . I'm only just starting to work up loads for accuracy. The mag was shooting sub moa yesterday. 3 round groups I could cover with a nickel. Factory rounds though. 

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