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Clearidge scope - any first hand experience

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I've been looking at several rimfire specific scopes for my CZ 22 rifle, one of which is the Clearidge RM 3-9 x 32 AO fine crosshair. The scope would mainly be used for 3 - position target shooting (CMP) at 25 and 50 yards and occasional small game hunting. Anyone have any opinions / experience with this specific scope?


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The only Mueller that looked promising was their 2 x 7-32 Multi-Shot but it has a parallax setting of 100 yds. I shoot CMP three position rimfire sporter and the distances are 50 yds and 25 yards. The Vortex Diamondback 2 x 7 - 35 rimfire is listed as 14.2 ounces. That would put me real close, with rings, to the 7.5 pound limit I have to be under for pre match weight inspection. The Clearidge is listed as 11.9 ounces and has an Adjustable Objective for Parallax correction down to 10 feet. Looks promising, but no one I know or see at the shooting ranges has one and they are only sold via the actual company that imports them and an interner retailer. I'd just hate to drop the money on an unknown item. May have to bite the bullet / open the wallet and consider a Leupold Rimfire EFR 3 x 9. I have two other Leupolds that have been real good.

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Well. I went ahead and got the Clearidge 3 x 9 scope with the fine crosshair. I have it mounted on one of my 22 rimfire rifles and so far it is working out real good. The optics are clear from edge to edge, Parallax focus via the Adjustable Objective is good. It has accurate semi-target adjustment knobs and I did the box test to check adjustments and they were very accurate.I ordered it over the phone on a monday afternoon and it was at my door by Thursday.Time will tell, but so far so good.

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