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Variable Scope Power Ring Extension

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Some scopes' power rings can be stiff and hard to turn, with gloves or even without. They might lack an easy way to see where they are set at a glance. I have thought I turned mine back down, only to find I had it cranked up last time and left it there.

There are a couple of attachments to help with this. There are products called Switchviews or Cat Tails that are aluminum rings that clamp around the power ring and have an extended thumbpiece. You can see it, and you can feel it. Three-gun shooters use them for making quick transitions from close to far targets or vice-versa, but I always thought they could be useful to others with the big thumb lever trimmed down.

They have three downsides. One; they have to be made to fit your scope. They make them for most common scopes, but if you don't have one of those, you aren't getting one. Two; you have to have clearance under your power ring for the aluminum ring that encircles it. It simply won't fit some applications. And third; they aren't cheap, at $60-70 each.

Some people have been using these:


It's actually a quick on-off tie-wrap sort of thing meant for mounting reels to fishing rods. Put it around the scope's power ring, tighten it down, and trim the tails off, and you have a knob thingy sticking out to turn the ring.

It's a big butt-ugly thing, but instead of costing $60-70 each, you get a pair for under $18. They are pretty much a universal fit, and should clear almost any installation. Depending on your needs, the size might be a plus, I don't know. I'm going to try one on that scope for a while and see what I think.

Like I say, it might not be for everyone, or every gun, but there it is if interested.

Oh yeah, it's made in USA.

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