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Herter's Nylon Jacket


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A local place has stacks of Herter's Select Grade of 'full nylon jacketed' with a steel case. The cost was $14 for 50 ct of 9 mm.

How would this work in my P229?? Is the nylon hard to scrub out of the barrel??

Any insight or opinions would be appreciated.

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No cleaning difference I could tell, though there probably was less copper fouling.

Advantages? The Nyclad's I've had were .38 Spl HPs, and the advantage there was the nylon is flexible enough to allow expansion at .38 velocities.

I am guessing weight retention has to be better than regular jacketed or cast or swaged lead, based on having some .38 125 Nyclad HPs (std pressure) that expand nicely yet the coating stays together. It can't shed mass or come apart if its sealed up in a nylon sock. What I have is not a certain expander, but seems to be better than other HPs running as slow. I have heard the +P variety is a more certain, but enough more vicious that the nylon comes apart sometimes on expansion. I have never found any to try. What I have is very mild shooting in snubbies. Too bad penetration is kinda short, or it would be almost ideal for them. I guess the .38 Nyclad 158 SWC-HP is the ticket.

I don't know what you know about the old Nyclad ammo, but S&W's ammo 1970s company (they bought Alcan) came up with the nylon coating to cut airborne lead in indoor ranges. The accidental discovery was the expansion thing, although S&W didn't explore it much. Federal bought S&W's ammo line, and some say it was to get the Nyclad rights. Federal used it more in HP ammo than S&W did. They have dropped it and brought it back a couple of times.

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