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MEC Size/SteelMaster or Ponsness-Warren 375C...?

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I have been pondering the possibility of shotshell reloading and am considering either a MEC or P-W single-stage press. I want the capability of loading 12 gauge 3-1/2" shells so that does limit the choices somewhat.

I know MEC makes the Sizemaster and the Steelmaster, and P-W has the 375C press. I will likely be loading a very large percentage of buckshot and slug rounds which does require manual placement of the projectile(s), and I have read the P-W may be better suited to this. The MEC's are less expensive but the P-W appears to be better built... I am willing to pay the extra $$ for quality workmanship and especially if my reloads can have the potential of being higher quality.

I was wondering if anyone out there has has experience with either or both presses, and your recommendations if any. Thank you in advance.

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