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Ireally enjoy shooting my ,50 cal pennsylvania flinter. over the years i have learned a few tricks to make it fire as reliably as a cap lock. i coned the inside of the touch hole insert,opened it up. dished out the pan and shoot fffg in pan and main charge.i started casting.495 pure lead balls, but now only shoot .490. more accurate in THIS flinter and easier to ram in a dirty bore.60-70 gr.3f works for me. its a spanish made barrel. same as the TRADITIONS flinter. same gun that MR. RANDY WAKEMAN bad mouths. but anyone who knows mr.wakeman from several other sights or knows him personally will come to the same opinion i have come to. he works(WORKED) for SAVAGE ARMS. and harbers a grudge against CVA/TRADITIONS. Iknow quite a few folks who shoot cva/traditions and have NEVER had any safety issues.common sense. TT

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