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Zombie MEC reloader, I'm serious

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I was sick of this stuff over a year ago. The only redeeming quality I found was when a friend said he picked up some Hornady zombie ammo on sale because nobody wanted it, which turned out to be the same as their regular XTP ammo but cost him a less.

Maybe that is a sign of things to come, and a lot of zombie stuff will be sold off on clearance soon. I hate the stuff, but would have no problem filling the backstop with bullets that came cheaper because they were coated green.

As I've mentioned on here recently, my eyes are no longer cooperating well with red dot sights, a fact I hate. Someone handed me a HoloSight in Zombie form (a blend of two things I dislike) and said to try it. To my surprise, the stupid HazMat reticle was pretty clear. I chose to go on suffering without it, though.

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Some of the normally stalwart gun supply places have gone all zombie. The only thing worse is "tactical".

I avoided buying things because of that. Or similar cool guy markings. One of my favorite Ed Brown 1911 models is the "Special Forces". I have always had the utmost respect for SF...which is why I wouldn't buy a gun with that on the side.

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