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Loaded 1400 rounds of 10mm on Tuesday

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Yeah the clean primed opened brass, (1000 were new brass) is put in holders, then with a RCBS crank charge measure I personal charged the appropriate amount and two guys check the charges. Bullets are then manually placed. Then with a Lee press with two dies, the bullets were seated and crimped, manually turning the head. With three of this it went pretty fast, but the main guy hates doing 10mm and says it goes slow.

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Wow, a three-man loading team. I've had the youngest daughter seat a few bullets, but that's the most help I get.

I do the semi-automatic loading too with the Dillon a lot. I'll size/deprime, prime, expand/bell case mouths, and store them away in an ammo can or plastic container. When I need some, I'll get them out, load up a loading tray, charge with a regular powder measure, eyeball powder level in each case, then seat and crimp by going back to the Dillon or with the single stage.

Sometimes I don't want thousands of identical rounds loaded up ahead. Having that many cases ready to be loaded however I want or need is nice. Splitting it into two jobs doesn't take that much extra time. And if course it lets me visually check powder level.

What does the one guy not like about loading 10mm? I kinda like loading it. The cases are big enough to handle easy. They don't stretch much either, so length stays pretty consistent for a long time.

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He said the 10mm cases tend to bulge on one side, just below the seated bullet. We had maybe 3 of them (used brass) do this, I saw it - but three or four didn't seem like too many to me. He was excited that I supplied NEW Starline brass. This is a local club thing, the ammo user must install the propellant stay legal.

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