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  1. Two days after selling the first power station, the Shooters and Fishers are thanked for their approval by the State Government. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/game-council-to-be-abolished-20130704-2pdte.html
  2. Australia has a "shooters and Fisher's" party, which is there to protect the rights of gun owners, and fishermen. The latter ? The anti's include a strong contingent who aren't opposed to firearms per se, but hurting animals, and have made it clear that when guns are banned to all but range use, the fishers are next. I support them with my votes, as even as a single interest group, they are actually representing part of my world, not some other control philosophy. However, it's become obvious that they are naive when negotiating with the established creeps. They allowed privatisation of power stations to pass, in swap for concessions in waiting time (why do you need two weeks cooling off when you already have a gun), shooting in National Parks (feral animal control, a good thing) and others. They were rewarded with new licencing requirements that you needed the serial number of the gun you were buying before you could apply for a permit to acquire (used to get the permit, then hunt down the gun to suit). Shooting in National Parks will "take some time" to arrange, and a new ammo bill rolled in that you can only buy ammo for a gun registered to you (I can borrow old mate's 30-30, but he has to supply the ammo, I can't get it myself). Anyway, first power station sold yesterday, a business that used to return $400M per year to the taxpayer... And it only COST us $75M to get rid of it !!! http://www.bordermail.com.au/story/16081...-for-50m/?cs=12 Their hearty is in the right place, but they are naive in their dealings with the corrupt powers that be...sad, but I'll still be supporting them.
  3. I don't think Varget is going away. It's manufactured by Thales in Australia (Used to be Australian Defence Industries before it was privatised), and is their AR2208 powder, which is their most popular range powder. Thales are also producing now a range of sporting ammunition http://www.thalesgroup.com/Press_Release...rting_shooters/ and that's probably going to swallow some Varget until it gets onto the shelves.
  4. Shannow

    Sit, down, STAY

    Back in the Oz 1996 Gun "debate", I did similar with a journalist friend. I only had at the time, the .22 that I was given for 15th birthday present, loaded, and centered on the table...it didn't do anything for the whole 5 or so hours that it sat there. "Would you leave it like that with children in the house ?" Whole different argument there, and nothing to do with guns.
  5. I've got a CZ527 in .223 (well I think it's more likely in 5.56, as the throat you can seat a 63gr ex mil projectile out of the case). Accuracy is excellent, typically sub MOA, with more than a couple of 3/4" groups. Have played with it out at the range at 600 yards, and can consistently hit a small dinner plate...mate has a Zastava, and has played out to 900 (keyhole city)...either of them, 60gr V-Max shoot well, but are about as long as you can go on 1:12. Another guy at the range has a heavy barrel Rem 700, and it's the most accurate thing I've shot...first two shots touching, buttsman on the radio "whoever is shooting target 6...do it again", threw me, and made a half inch flier. Composure again, and the next two touched the first two.
  6. Thanks for the report, although it makes my blood boil... The Austeyr is manufactured in the very town that I'm typing this from, and my chances of ever owning one are virtually nil/never. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/02/using-...e-playing-xbox/ During development of the "new" rifle, they closed the range regularly, all we knew was new grenade craters, and car doors with holes through them. Rumour has that there's a 6/6.5mm variant in testing
  7. Back in 1996 in the Oz buyback, I was working with a Lebanese muslim character. His community were amazed at the people who were turning in firearms because the Govt directed them to. His take was that they had no records up to that point, and therefore nowhere to aim suspicion... His community got all that they could get their hands on, and then researched how to protect and hide them...
  8. For cheap, in the B92, I used mass produced "hard" cast 240gr coated bullets, AR2205 (sold as H4227)...double coated the bullets in liquid Alox. They went OK, Barry's rule of thumb.
  9. I've never seen surplus 7.62x54R that's not corrosive in Oz. S.O.P. is jug of boiled water with a little dish-soap in it, suck water up using cleaning rod and patch like a bike pump until barrel is wet and really hot, and then let "chimney dry" before regular cleaning/oiling. (Or pouring a "billy" of boiling water down from the chamber end.
  10. Was at a regional gun-show today, and my Gunsmith was there with his displays (beautiful Lithgow .303, and I didn't notice said smith it was that nice). Told him of my Rossi, the fact that 12ga doesn't interest me,and what could he do with 9mm ? Eyes lit up like when he was showing me his .357Mag Martini Cadet, and then regaled me with his recent .45-70/12 gauge full choke side by side that he built up just recently. Reckons that he can do "something" with the 12ga barrel/lock, and wants me to take said kit in for a look.
  11. It's a really great thread, and one that I can relate with, through being unable to relate to it. This place is pretty sparce, the size of the U.S. (chopping off Alaska of course), and with 27Mpeople rather than 300M...very sparse. Examples ? I live less than 100 miles from the biggest city in the country, and my parents in the nation's capital, depending on route, it's 330-410km, time is a wash, about 4 hours either way. It's not the bush, and nothing like the bush. One Christmas trip, between the towns of Cowra and Booroowa, we witnessed two ladies in a Corrolla run onto the verge, over correct, spear across the road, and roll into a ditch. They were OK, but obviously needed assistance. Another couple had a first aid kit and thermal blanket, we all had mobile phones, which were useless, and trucks stopping with their radios were about as useful as the phones. So we headed one way, and another couple the other way. We got to Booroowa, and the unmanned station there with emergency press button, got an operator in Sydney (may as well have been Bangalore) and were trying to explain "half way between Booroowa and Cowra"...."what is the name of the road ?"..."Well if you are in Cowra, the Booroowa Road, and if in Booroowa, it's obviously the Cowra road"..."Sorry sir, we can't dispatch until the road is named, along with a cross roads or house number". I yelled enough that they obviously dispatched someone, as I heard the ambulance moving, but that was a half hour of driving, plus 15 minutes of arguing with imbeciles over the emergency numbers that somebody could have been bleeding to death...worse, it could have been someone dear to me. A woman in my state, in a not remote location spent 3 days pinned under her car trying to find something sharp enough to amputate her lower leg...in a state where it is illegal to carry a pocket knife. Back to Barry's immediate thread...a workmate 20 years ago went up North for an 8 week 4WD. Joined a pistol club for "genuine reason" (and self defence isn't), so that he was armed for his trip. A little earlier, an ex GFs Dad went on a 6 month sailing trip with his wife and teenage daughters. Found a black market 30-30 lever, adn kept it close. More recently, still 15-20 ago, another workmate was taking his wife and daughters on a 4WD adventure for 4 months...30-30 Winnie in overhead console. These guys made conscientious decisions about what they would personally risk when out where there is no help within a half day, assuming you can contact them in the first place. This town, I know a bloke who died during an assault a 15 second sprint from the Police Station, another who was cutting a slash at a urinal less than that far from the courthouse when his head was smashed into the tiles, and while in a daze pockets pilferred. Not planning on carrying (am planning on first aid equipment), but it pays to think
  12. In our "field class" competition, single loop and tripple point slings can't be used for the rules, but a single "normal" leather sling tightens you up even off hand when you get it properly under left tricep, looped (not the right word) over the wrist, around, and back up the left hand side, sort of torniqueing your wrist somewhat. I can't believe that people don't "have time" to even form that flippy loop with a little practice unless they are routinely shooting random running targets in the field...in competition, you can loop and grab pretty quick...tighten up You know you've got it sort of right when you can load it single shot and still have the sights on the paper when you close the bolt...and have lost feeling in your left arm if the range officer has to sort another shooter out.
  13. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, when I was in Air Cadets, and they were training us in the L1A1, they issued condoms (really) to stick over the flash supressor for all of those things.
  14. CZ/Brno all the way down here.
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