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  1. Our Niece and her sons came by our home Sunday and my Wife suggested I take them out into the back yard (eat yer hearts out boys) and let our Niece shoot the Wife's Officers 45 Light Weight. An offer the Niece was quick to accept.

    Naturally I couldn't stop at letting her try only one gun, so I also carried out my old Remington-Rand early 70's competition gun (quite an entertaining story itself), and my pride and joy bobtail, lightweight, coned bbl, NP3 coated, 38Super.

    She and her son (18) ended up shooting probably 300 rounds out of the three guns with both amazed that the little Officers 45 was no more punishing than it is. The grand-nephew was in awe of the old gvt mdl Rem-Ran, I think just because of the Crimson Trace grips (yea, I got em for after dark armadillo extermination, but still pretty neat)! The Niece fell in love with the Super, Gal's got GOOD taste! But while no one's favorite the little Officers was well liked, just overshadowed by awesomeness from the other two.

    The younger son (8) isn't quite into the big boomers yet. Next time they're up I'll try to get him hooked up with a variety of 22 revolvers and autos.


  2. Not a Starbuck within a hundred miles of me so I sent em an Email in support of their stance.

    This was their reply;

    Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

    Thank you for your feedback regarding Starbucks' policy on open carry laws.

    At Starbucks, we deeply respect the views of our customers and recognize that there is significant and genuine passion surrounding the issue of open carry weapons laws. We comply with local laws and statutes in the communities we serve. Our long-standing approach to this issue remains unchanged and we abide by the laws that permit open carry in 43 U.S. states. Where these laws don't exist, openly carrying weapons in our stores is prohibited.

    As the public debate around this issue continues, we encourage customers and advocacy groups from both sides to share their input with their public officials. We are extremely sensitive to the issue of gun violence in our society and believe that supporting local laws is the right way for us to ensure a safe environment for both partners and customers.

    If you have any further questions or concerns that I was unable to address, please feel free to let me know.

    Warm Regards,

    Kelsey F

    Customer Relations

    Following the law in their respective states is good enough for me!


  3. We got my wife a "new to her" bolt action custom Mauser conversion in 6.5X55 Swede a few weeks ago, but it was equipped with an old Lyman American scope in 4X. Really classy old gun, engraving, smallish birdseye maple wood, done right.

    She wanted more magnification and field of view. In other words, a more modern scope. So we looked about and realized it's d@mned near impossible to find quality glass in a bright blued (anodized) finish! Leupold's about the only game in town. Until we stumbled upon a 10 year old Sheppherd at a gun show a couple weeks ago. I've been using one on my '06 A-Bolt for several years now and love it. We picked up this one for $300, These are now approx $800 new-in-box and Sheppherd says they'll take care of any defects at no cost.

    Happier than a pig-in-shizzle over this one!


  4. Wayne, it's 38 spl. Recoil noticeably lighter than in a Agent lightweight frame.

    I'll probably never shoot this one, not because of fear of wear, or damage. Just because I'm too lazy to ever get it this clean ever again!


  5. They have a double/captive spring with a "reverse spring bushing". With the captive spring setup, it's basically held together by the slide lock pin. Much better system than the old Officers bushing with the little pin that's been known to break.


  6. Ocasionally one of the shiny ones catches my attention and I just can't live without it.

    Case in point;

    Not new. Has a couple very minor blemishes and a turn line. No box or papers. I'm guessing what I paid to be a bargain in approx 2014, since you only buy Colts too early instead of paying too much!:)


  7. Bought this Defender used a couple months back and really like the way it shoots (other than a bit picky about some hollow points, going to replace the springs and see if that makes a difference) Excellent trigger and accuracy.

    Other threads showing pics of Defenders, there never seem to be two alike from the factory, what's been changed on this one, and what's original?

    Any information appreciated,



  8. I've been looking at the new "Colt" 1911 22 Rail Gun. It's branded Colt, but made by Walther and imported through Umarex so it has the Arkansas import marks.

    Not much in common with a 1911 other than looks, though.

    Nearly bought one last night.

    Haven't seen a "Colt" yet, but I'm betting it's just another brand name on the same gun. The GSG is also supposed to be built by Walther as well.


  9. Recently found this old Colt M1917 revolver. My guess would be; smuggled home, then stuck in less than ideal storage conditions for decades. When someone noticed heavy surface rust a buddy blew it off in his sand-blast cabinet, then right back into storage.

    She's solid as a brick, amazingly un-buggered screws, perfect lockup and timing, and shoots like a house-on-fire!

    Unfortunately, they even sandblasted the grips!

    Next week she's headed to Berryvile AR to Metaloy Industries for hard chrome with black ejector rod, cyl release, hammer, and trigger.

    Having a buddy who is in Berryville monthly and can pick up and deliver without outrageous shipping is quite a bit of incentive to send her there.


  10. Anyone interested in a great functioning 22 specific 1911 should look at the new GSG (German Sport Guns) imported by ATC (American Tatical ?) While the frame or slide can't be used on a true 1911, they have something like 80% parts interchangeability, and look and feel exactly like one. Blowback design.

    Not a target model, but will shoot with most Ruger MKII's, must use HV ammo. Overall great reports on all the gun forums I visit. Lurve mine!


  11. Been off pluttering around on a couple other gun forums (and FaceBook). Though I'd drop in see wazzup!

    Pabs and I might have been running some sort of competition (had either of us known of the others endeavors) at "a gun each week thru the winter"! t-up

    Noticed someone else had a biach about the gestapo mods on the M1911 forum. I can understand wanting to stay family friendly, and don't have a problem with it. Being a bit of a troublemaker, I've always got to bend the rules just a bit! I got 2 or three warnings about stuff that would fly on BITOG, or most aywhere else finally, the one where I told em to go ahead and bann me was this;




    They warned me that while I didn'nt use the censored word every one woud know what I meant!


  12. Going to revive this one, as I managed to snag the exact same gun in 38Super a few weeks back. My Nephew has moved on to his own shop http://www.chamberscustom.com/, and has agreed to make them exact twins. I understand the Super is pretty rare and customizing it may ruin a potential collector piece, but I'm guessing having the pair of twins will offset that. Plus somebody else will have to worry about their worth eventually.


  13. I've never been inclined to cast bullets, mostly from a time standpoint. As the owner of a tire/wheel alignment/muffler shop I generate waste lead weights and in the past have had folks cast bullets, shot, and fishing sinkers on the halves (yea, that's kinda rippin em a new one) but with the uncertainty of the future of lead, and having 18 five gallon buckets full, I decided to cash out I made arangements with a professional caster approx 35 miles from home to do a trade based on $ .40 per pound for his completed products in 38Super, 387Special, and 45ACP.

    The lead came to 2,400lb (and had the back of my Silverado SS looking liked a lowrider!)an I came home with just over 12,000 high quality cast lead bullets.

    Win/win I think.


  14. Hi Yall. Haven't been by in a while, thought I'd stick my nose in.

    I'm pretty certain Clark Custom Guns in LA started building 38 wadcutter guns out of 38Supers before Colt did. Real PIA (that would ge me a warning on M1911. I'm currently banned there.) to make them run without jamming.


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