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  1. I think they're great shooters and ammo is certainly cheap enough although it is corrosive....nothing a good cleaning won't take care of. I bought mine at Carters and they gave me a price of $59.99 each if I bought a case of twelve....naturally, I did. This was 2010. I am a little disappointed in Richard Venola's review....he stated they kick like a mule (not!) and without the bayonet attached would shoot 12" high (another not or at least not with my rifles....I kept three and my family reaped the benefits of the others).
  2. I own several Keltecs....P11, PF-9, and P3AT. The two 9's have NEVER malfunctioned for me although the PF-9 balked on my wife but suspect it was a limp-wrist jam (several in fact with her). The 380 was troublesome for awhile...trigger would not always reset but several hundred rounds solved the problem where I'm comfortable carrying it. My main carry pieces are the PF-9 and the 380. Occasionally, when "dressed up", I'll carry my Kimber UCII and the 380 always rides along in my front pocket (in a Desantis pocket holster of course). I think some people bash Keltec due to the low price but I have more than several other name-brand pistols that cost a lot more but don't shoot any better.
  3. I did years ago and also belonged to the KSSA (Kansas Skeet Shooters Assoc.) We were actually allowed to bring our shotguns and shells to school so we could shoot after school at Ft. Leavenworth. Many times we were summoned to the office to discuss our shooting with the Asst Principal....times sure have changed. I take it you're a regular shooter? I always loved the Wednesday night doubles.
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