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  1. That's a nice looking rifle! My DPMS .308 works well, but a gas piston design should run more cleanly and the way this one is outfitted (folding sights, etc) is very nice as well.
  2. Pablo - have you considered the Winchester Model 71? That .348 Winchester cartridge is pretty stout, and the rifle is a classic...
  3. A lever action is on my list...but college tuition has my full attention at the moment, so the list will have to wait... Glad to see you on here! I've cleverly used my BITOG name....so...
  4. It's not quite that simple.... http://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/articles/2010/guide-to-the-interstate-transportation.aspx http://www.usacarry.com/concealed_carry_permit_reciprocity_maps.html
  5. PMC kept jamming in my wife's brand new Baretta 92FS. It also wouldn't lock the slide back on the last round. Both malfunctions point to low recoil against the new mainspring. The Baretta worked great on Winchester White Box and Speer Gold Dot. It was the PMC... Which has worked in an older S&W and Glock...but the new gun sure didn't like it..,
  6. From a firearms perspective...these are crazy times!
  7. In my recent experience, Midway has been great. Nearly everything is out of stock or marked up to ludicrous prices... Case in point: Glock 19 magazines. $60 at my local gun store (when in stock). Sign up for Midway's notification. Get e-mail. Order 2 Glock 19 magazines for $24.95 ea. Limit 2. Thank you Midway for selling things at a realistic price when the world has gone crazy!
  8. Thanks for a great article on the trap door Springfield. I have one that I inherited from my Dad - an Army vet and antique collector, it used to hang with pride over his fireplace. Given today's times, it rests quietly in the safe next to (gasp) an "assault rifle"...but someday, I will take it to the range, just to know... Cheers, Astro
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