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  1. Word is that this will soon be out in .22 Magnum too!
  2. I'd always heard that about the "takedown guns" too (inaccurate) but a friend has a takedown in 30-30 that is a real good shooter.
  3. Passed on a NICE takedown Savage Model 99 in 250-3000 2 weeks ago at the Kokomo Gun Show, and have sort of regretted it ever since.
  4. I really would LOVE to have a .22 Mag Model 39 that had a 2/3 Magazine like some of the 336s or the .444 gyun does. (I really believe if you don't connect in 2 shots you ought to stop shooting anyway till you figure out why).
  5. Anyone know why Marlin would have quit making the 1894 in .22 Mag? It sure seems to be a great all-round rifle to me.
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