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  1. FWIW: I tried the Stephen Camp web site but got no respone to my inquiery about the manual.
  2. OK, it's clearing up--the Wolff web site shows variable springs for the FEG R-9 which I mistook for the PJK-9HP. I'll probably try the FN 17 lb standard when I order again from Wolff. I took the FEG out today for it's first test and am pleased with it. I appreciate the lead on the disassembly guide. Thanks for your help.
  3. Just got this FEG after owning a couple PA-63's. I saw Wolff offered several variable recoil spring replacements and the FN standard springs. Which of the FEG specific variables do you like or do you prefer the FN standards? Is there such a thing as a Manual or disassembly guide other than what's available for the FN? I have the early Browning action version and note the sear lever is held in with a roll pin unlike the FN-does it make much difference if you drive the pin out left to right or right to left? Thanks
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